Paying Community Members An Honorarium

One of the central themes of the Fenceline Neighbors Power Conference is to recognize community members as the experts that they are. Long time community activists that have been fighting for environmental health and justice are seasoned experts in the field. Often, however, this work involves economic sacrifices, whether it's missing days on the job to lead a tour or using their own money to make community events happen.

The Steering Committee of the Fenceline Conference has developed a protocol for paying community members for their time. If you are calling someone from Norco, Oakville, the Ninth Ward or another community and hoping that they can give your group a tour or participate in your activities in some way, please write an honorarium into your budget.

You can help to strengthen the environmental health and justice movement in Louisiana. When you create your budget, simply create a line item for community member honorariums or stipends.

Suggested honorariums: $100 for a half or partial day, $200 for a full day