Fenceline Community Tours

Port Arthur, TX
Baton Rouge, LA
Garyville, LA
Mt. Airy, LA
Norco, LA
New Orleans, LA
St. Bernard, LA
Belle Chase, LA
Norco, LA

Who are the Fence Line Friends?

The Fenceline Friends are expert citizens of Southern Louisiana and surrounding areas who are untied by a simple, regrettable fact: all of us live on the fenceline of a polluting facility or hazardous site. We are also united in our efforts to effect positive changes in our neighborhoods through increased environmental monitoring, the prevention of environmentally hazardous new projects, and lobbying the companies in our areas to fairly compensate those who can no longer reside in their neighborhoods because of pollution.

We believe in more than just “not in my backyard.” We believe that what has happened to us should not happen in anyone’s backyard. We have united to share our strategies to advocate for our communities in order to promote stronger, cleaner, and healthier communities everywhere. We hope that our tactics will further this goal.