About Us

The Steering Committee worked hard to organize the conference. See the community contacts page for each member’s biography.

We are indebted to facilitator Erness Wright Erwin of the Facilitative Leadership Institute. Erness’ skills have helped us to clarify and plan for our vision. To contact Erness call at (504) 259 – 4219 or write her at ewirvin@bellsouth.net.

Steering Committee Members

Iris Brown Carter of the Concerned Citizens of Norco. The Concerned Citizens of Norco successfully advocated for a buy out of contaminated properties from Shell Oil in Norco, Louisiana. The buy out is estimated at $25 million.

Pam Dashiell of the Holy Cross Neighborhood Association. The Neighborhood Association is currently working for sustainable post Katrina recovery in the Lower Ninth Ward. The neighborhood opened its Center for Sustainable Engagement in April of 2007.

Kenneth Ford of the St. Bernard Citizens for Environmental Quality. The Citizens for Environmental Quality advocates for a cleaner environment in St. Bernard Parish and is currently focused on ExxonMobil’s Chalmette Refining.

Anne Rolfes is Founding Director of the Louisiana Bucket Brigade (LABB). The LABB is an environmental health and justice organization using grassroots action to attain neighborhoods free from industrial pollution. Anne founded the organization in 2000.

Holly Witherington is Program and Administrative Assistant at the Louisiana Bucket Brigade. Holly is a December, 2006 graduate of the University of Louisiana, Lafayette, in political science. She is the person who has worked with Design Action to make this web site possible.