This is the web site of the first ever Fenceline Neighbors Power Network. The Network began with a conference, in April of 2007, uniting Fenceline Neighbors throughout Louisiana. We are currently conducting several projects to expand the network.  These projects include: a Refinery Research Program, resource sharing through regional Fenceline Neighbor gatherings, and a statewide aid program, offering help to new Fenceline Neighbors that we meet each day.

The Fenceline Neighbors Network features people who live on the fence line of chemical plants, oil refineries, toxic dumps or other hazards. The purpose of the conference, our current projects, and of this site is to link Louisiana community leaders to one another and make the statewide environmental health and justice movement stronger. Ultimately we would like community leaders to be recognized as the experts that they are.

We invite you to read more about the brave and successful Louisiana Fenceline Neighbors who are standing up to polluters and winning! Remarkable things are happening in this state.